Toon blast game uses toon cartoons to solve various puzzles. Many people assume the game is for kids, but there are various difficult stages that even adults find hard to maneuver. For young kids, this is an ideal game to test their puzzle-solving skills. You download the game on any smartphone. You have toon characters like cooper cat, Bruno bear, and wally wolf as playable characters.

The player’s main aim is to help the toon gang navigate through their magical world. You can create a team and use them to compete with others.

In each level of the game, you get to earn points and three stars. To destroy a whole row the player uses bombs and rockets. The three stars collected unlock additional game features.

How to play the game

The game aim is to match three same color cubes. When you destroy a specific number of cubes of a certain color, you can then progress to the next level. As you progress through various levels, the game becomes more challenging. This is because the number of same cubes you need to destroy increases. There are various special items like bombs and rockets at your disposal.

Guide on how to get more lives

Initially, each player is given five lives. If you fail to beat a level life is taken. When you have exhausted all your lives, it is game over. If you want to gain more lives to join a team. The teams become available the moment you reach level 20. Join a team with active members. You can request for additional lives in the game through the ask for lives chat button.

Life’s are granted on the game every 20 minutes. If you have depleted yours, take a rest for up to one hour, and you will have gained a life.

One hundred coins can be redeemed for a life. You get coins any time you give life to a teammate, open the Toon’s chest or open the star chest.

Toon Blast tips

Always start from the bottom. First of all, I always start looking for combos all the way down of the screen instead of the top. Starting from the base not just allows more new cubes to drop, but you also have a higher possibility of reducing cubes of the same color together and in less time compared to other option. Following this Toon Blast tips, free coins guide and other given tricks any user can play the game like a pro!

Overcoming obstacles in the game

  • You will encounter balloons as the game becomes more challenging. To pop them tap the bricks next to them. Rockets have no effect when used against balloons.
  • Use the ducks to move them to the bottom and therefore complete a remove. You can use rockets as combos in clearing the ducks.

Final thoughts

Toon blast is an excellent game for people of all ages. It comes with various levels each with obstacles that you need to overcome. Once you learn multiple tips, tricks and guides you should become a master of the game.

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